Pay Your Discover Card Bill Automatically

When making payments on your Discover Card cardholders have a few online payment options available to them.  The primary payment option is to store your bank’s routing and account number inside your account and when your payment is due simply have it drafted from your account.  The only problem with this method is cardholders will need to remember their payment due dates and allow time for the bank draft to go through.

Another option available to cardholders which is more convenient than making manual payments every month is DirectPay.  DirectPay allows users to automatically specify and schedule their payments every month.  The following automatic features are available for cardholders when using DirectPay which are the minimum payment due, minimum payment due plus a fixed amount, a fixed amount of your choice, and full statement balance.  Cardholders can simply set the payment amount to be paid via DirectPay and the service will do the rest.

DirectPay is designed to make submitting payments easier and cardholders not being burdened down with remembering payment due dates every month.  Once the automatic feature has been setup it runs itself and the only thing members need to concern themselves with is ensuring their bank account has enough money to cover the payment.  Cardholders can store more than one bank account inside their Discover Card account for drafting.

Other payment options for your Discover Card are by phone, mail, via personal check at any participating Sears store, or Western Union.  Online payments are ideal for cardholders as their account is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for access and payment.  It is a free service and payments are posted the same day if submitted prior to 5pm Eastern standard time.  If posted afterwards the payment will reflect the next scheduled day.  To learn more about DirectPay and to get started visit

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