Pay Your Greenville Water Bill Online

Customers who live in Greenville, South Carolina can utilize the online services of Greenville Water to make their monthly water bill payment.  The site is a convenience to customers as they can take advantage of the online payment services which is quick and efficient or they can continue using services such as over the phone payments, pay by money order, mail a personal check, personal payment drop off, etc.  With paying online customers don’t have the hassles that they may experience with other payment options.

The Greenville online payment service is available for customers to use 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  When you go through the payment process your payment is not delayed but is debited from your bank account instantaneously or charged to your credit card immediately.  There is no need to wait a week or so for your payment to clear as it does when you pay by check.  You also don’t need to speak with a Customer Service Representative or need their assistance.  With the online payment service you are in complete control over how you pay your bill.

There are basically two options for customers to pay online which is registering for an online account or simply utilizing the Pay Only feature.  The account registration process will ultimately eliminate paper bills from being sent to your home on a monthly basis.  You will instead have the option to elect for electronic bills to be emailed to you or choose to use your login credentials to access your account and view your statement there.

For customers who don’t want to register for an account they can use the Pay Only feature which allows you to make your payments online every month through a third party payment processing site.  When your payment is made through this service you will be credited for the payment the same day.



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