Pay Your Past Due Balances with AmeriCollect

If you’ve recently received a phone call or a past due balance in the mail from AmeriCollect you can submit a payment to resolve this issue at AmeriCollect’s online payment portal.  The website requires a User ID and Password to access your account which you will find your login information supplied on your past due balance statement that you received in the mail.  Just type your login credentials and your account will display providing your balance and payment options.

Payments can be made in the form of a credit card payment or by bank draft with no additional processing fees.  If you can submit a onetime payment for your full balance you can easily do so with the online service.  For consumers who need to make payment arrangements you will need to communicate with an AmeriCollect representative at 1-888-682-0396 before making any payments.

There are benefits to communicating with a representative when trying to resolve past debts.  Representatives can reduce the amount owed significantly to an amount that you can afford to pay.  It is a good idea to speak with someone about your debts instead of avoiding the issue because they can offer solutions to help you eventually get your account in right standing.

Consumers who don’t want to use the online service for payment can submit their payments via phone at 1-888-682-0396.  The pay by mail option is also available which you will need to detach your payment slip from your past due balance letter and mail with a check or credit card.



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