Pound New Workout Craze Using RipStix

Have you heard of Pound?  Pound is a new workout craze that is catching fire around the country and will probably be coming to a gym near you.  Gyms are offering Pound classes for its members but if you aren’t a member of a gym you can enjoy the benefits of Pound right from the comfort of your home by ordering their DVD system online.  Like most other home fitness programs it doesn’t require any workout equipment or machines just a DVD player, a little space in your home for working out, and their weighted drumsticks called Ripstix.

Pound is a full body workout session that utilizes cardio, drumming with Ripstix, and elements found in Pilates to burn calories, strengthen muscles, and help get your body into great shape.  It’s a different approach to exercising than most other programs utilizing continual drumming from your weighted Ripstix along with other workout movements to help to strengthen and condition your entire body.   An entire Pound workout session last 45 minutes with upbeat music playing in the background as you perform your exercises.

What types of results can anyone expect to receive from Pound?  By committing to the workouts the type of results that people are experiencing over a 60 day time period is a slimmer waistline, significant weight loss, toned tummy, leaner upper body, tighter buttocks, toned legs, and more.

Customers can order Pound online and receive their 60 Day Rockout Results System that includes 5 DVD’s, a nutrition guide, 7 Day Kick Start, set of 2 Ripstix, free mesh bag, free fitness journal, workout guide, 60 day pound off calendar, free priority processing, and free shipping.  The entire system is available for 2 payments of $29.99 or 1 payment of $59.98.  To learn more about how you can get started with Pound visit www.getpound.com.

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