Pre-Approval for Fortiva Personal Loan

Consumers in need of a personal loan up to $4,000 can take advantage of a limited time offer loan over the next 30 days from Fortiva Financial.  If you are in need of extra money possibly due to an emergency, home repairs, or maybe even a vacation consider the offer from Fortiva Financial for a personal loan.  If approved your money can be deposited in your account within the next 2 business days and you can begin to take care of your personal needs.

This offer is especially for consumers who received a letter in the mail from Fortiva stating you’ve been pre-qualified for a personal loan up to $4,000.  The letter should include a 14 digit Acceptance Code that will need to be entered at the Fortiva Personal Loan Application site located at (  The Acceptance Code identifies you as a pre-qualified candidate for a loan and when you enter the code you will be identified and you can continue to complete the rest of the application.  

During the application process you will need to enter additional information including your name, street address, email address, date of birth, driver’s license, employment info, and income.  The offer is subject to verification of your income and you’ll need an actual live checking account to have your funds deposited.  You will have an opportunity to review the loan details including your loan amount, monthly payments, loan term limits, and loan APR.  Please keep in mind there is a $75 loan fee that will be deducted from your total loan amount.

After approving the loan the funds will be deposited in your checking account and afterwards you can setup your online account with Fortiva so you can manage all of your account information online.  Through the online service you will have the convenience of making payments online, reviewing your account balance, updating your personal information, and accessing your account via mobile devices.  

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