Pre-Approval Loan Offer from Prosper

If you’re in need of some extra cash to pay off some bills consider the pre-approval loan offer from Prosper Funding.  You may have received in the mail a letter from Prosper indicating you’ve been approved for up to a certain dollar amount and if you’re interested in the offer simply visit their online application site at  It only takes a few minutes to complete the application process and receive a decision on your loan approval.  After your approval it only takes about 3 days to receive your money.

To get started with Prosper first locate your pre-approval offer code that is highlighted on the letter you received in the mail.  Visit their online site and enter the code in the appropriate field then indicate how much you’d like to be approved for.  When you enter this information you will instantly receive your APR on the loan which doesn’t affect your credit score.  This gives you an option to back out on the loan if you feel your interest rate is too high.  If you are satisfied with your APR continue with the application process until you’re finished.

On your letter it should indicate up to how much you are approved for.  Depending on your credit worthiness will determine the exact amount.  Most loans are given in 3 or 5 year repayment terms which will be indicated on your letter.  Also, in order to take advantage of the loan offer please take note of the expiration date.  Normally you are given about 3 weeks or so to act on the offer but after the time period expires the pre-approval offer is over.

There are a variety of reasons Prosper lends money to their customers.  Some of those needs are for debt consolidation, home improvement, auto, small business, engagement ring, family reasons, etc.  Select the right loan for your needs and agree on your monthly payment amount and you will have no problem with your new Prosper loan.

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  • I received a pre-approved offer, but the website does not provide for entering the codes as the instruction says

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