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If you’re planning to purchase a new Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, or Cadillac soon apply for the Capital One BuyPower MasterCard at www.capitalone.com/applybuypowercard.  The BuyPower MasterCard from Capital One is a credit card that allows its members to earn rewards points and redeem them towards the purchase of a brand new vehicle.  If you’re planning to purchase a new car in the near future then consider applying for the Capital One BuyPower Card.  By using the card and earning rewards points you’ll be able to apply your earnings towards your down payment.

Capital One BuyPower Card Review

The Capital One BuyPower Card has a number of attractive features for consumers which could peak their interest in applying.

Earnings/Rewards: The BuyPower Card will earn consumers 5% cash back on the first $5,000 spent each year and it doesn’t matter of the category or purchase type. This can equal up to $250 added towards the purchase of a new car. After surpassing the $5,000 threshold the card will earn consumers 2% unlimited on purchases.

Redeemption for New Vehicle: After getting accepted for the card users will want to accumulate their rewards points towards the purchase of a new vehicle. Whenever you’re ready to purchase a new vehicle and agreed on the price the next step is to tell the dealer you want to use your BuyPower Rewards points to be applied to the discount on your vehicle. They can also be combined with dealer incentives as well.

There is no annual fee to become a card member and the introductory APR is 0% over a 12 month period. After the promotional period expires the APR increases to between 13.15% to 23.15% and where you fall depends on your credit score.  There is also no balance transfer fee, no foreign transaction fee, and no rotating categories or other purchasing requirements.

Capital One Apply BuyPower Card

Applicants interested in taking advantage of their pre-qualification status and applying for the card can apply online at the Capital One Apply BuyPower Card website.  The site requires applicants to first enter their invitation number which can be found on the pre-qualification letter (if you received one) in the mail.  The invitation number is made up of 10 digits.  After entering the code you will need to enter some personal information to finish the online application.  After you’ve entered everything and clicked Submit it will take approximately 60 seconds to wait for a decision.  Applicants that are approved for a credit limit will receive notification of their acceptance after the 60 second wait period.

Applying online is a much faster way to apply for the BuyPower Card but applicants can also utilize the paper application that was included in the mailer.  Just complete the entire form and mail it back to the address highlighted on the mailer.  Applying by phone is also available utilizing the 1-800 number listed as well.  Be sure to respond by the expiration date for this credit card offer at www.capitalone.com/applybuypowercard as the offer won’t be available if you try to apply after the deadline.

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