Proactiv+ Acne Treatment Bonus Offers

For anyone who’s always wanted to try Proactiv+ and see how it works on them now is the time to purchase an online kit.  Currently new customers can take advantage of a special online offer that is giving away 2 free gifts with your order of a Proactiv+ kit.  The 2 free gifts with your order are the Deep Cleansing Brush and Blackhead Dissolving Gel.  In addition each kit also comes with your selection of another free gift of your choosing either the Instant Radiance Duo (Skin Purifying Mask and Re-Texturizing Toner) or the Spotless Skin Duo (Dark Spot Corrector and Skin Purifying Mask).

New customers are receiving at least 3 special gifts with their order which is a great reason to try Proactiv+.  There are 3 advertised kits available in their online catalog which are the Complete Kit, Teen Kit, and 3 Step Kit.  Each one has specific acne problems that they target so you’ll want to read what types of conditions they are designed for.

The base products included in any kit that is offered on the Proactiv+ website is the 3 Step Formula (Skin Smoothing Exfoliator, Pore Targeting Treatment, and Complexion Perfecting Hydrator).  Each individual product in the 3 Step System build upon each other as you use them to eliminate acne and improve your overall appearance.  Customers can actually purchase the 3 Step Kit or upgrade to the Teen Kit or Complete Kit.  These 2 kits have added products for customers who need special attention with blemishes or dark marks.

The price for the base kit (3 Step Kit) is $29.95 for a 30 day supply while the Teen Kit and Complete Kit are $39.95 each.  This is also an option to upgrade your order to a 90 day supply if you already have experience using Proactiv+ products.  Each order comes with a 60 day money back guarantee for dissatisfied customers who want to return the products and receive a full refund on their money.

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