Receive 10% Discount on State Farm Home Monitoring Systems

If you’ve put off getting a home security system installed in your home or apartment then maybe now is a great time to reconsider as State Farm customers can receive up to 10% off on reputable security services.  State Farm has partnered with ADT Pulse and Lowes (Iris Smart Kit) to offer their customers special discounts from each provider.  Securing your home is the best investment any homeowner can make so you can feel confident that your family is protected.

Through the special offer from State Farm customers who elect the home protection services of ADT will receive 10% off installation and monthly service fees.  There is also an additional insurance discount up to 10% for homeowners and up to 15% for renters.  Depending on the type of home security system you select there are options for protecting your home in the event of fire and water damage.

ADT has system components for all of your entrances including windows, thermostat monitoring, energy monitoring, smoke & carbon monoxide, water damage, video monitoring, glass break detection, and for the elderly a Medical Alert System.  With these features your home will have 24/7 professional monitoring and the police will be contacted if there is a legitimate threat.  The major disadvantage that customers have with ADT is they will have to sign a 3 year contract.

With the Lowes Iris Smart Kit customers don’t necessarily require a professional monitoring service which eliminates the need for a 3 year contract.  They do have a premium service for customers who are interested in it for a price of $9.99 per month but it does not require signing a contract.  State Farm customers will also receive a $25 discount on the Iris Smart Kit and $10 off Iris Safe & Secure Kit.  The insurance discount is up to 2% for homeowners and 7% for renters.  The actual cost of purchasing a kit is $179.

Iris is a self installation security system that does not necessarily require professional assistance.  It has all of the same security protection features as ADT but not included is a Medical Alert System.  In the event of a real threat the system will contact you versus calling the police.  Another highlight of Iris is its entirely portable and can be successfully removed from your current home and taken with you to your new home and it will work like new.

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