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Are you tired of fighting with your lawn to get it to stay green and thick?  If you are then consider using a professional lawn care service like Scotts Lawn Service.  They know everything about taking care of lawns and if hired they will keep your lawn looking lush all summer long.  Right now customers can receive a free lawn analysis from Scotts and they’ll thoroughly inspect your yard and give recommendations on how to get it looking top notch.

You may have received in the mail a letter or email from Scott’s advertising their services.  If you are interested in allowing them the opportunity to assist you with your yard take advantage of their free lawn analysis.  Just visit their website and use the priority code number that is located in the letter or email you received and fill it in the Priority Code field.

After you’ve added in your priority number you will notice your personal information being displayed on the screen.  Your information shows up because you were a previous customer of Scott’s and they still have your information on file.  You simply need to review it to make sure everything it right.

The next step Scott’s will advertise 5 different lawn care packages they are offering their customers.  You can take the time to review them or simply hit the Checkout button to schedule your appointment.  The programs they have for customers to choose from are priced differently depending on your plan selection.  They have the following plans:  Maintenance Program, Love Your Florida Lawn, Florida Plus Program, Florida Lawnscape Program, and Scotts Ultimate Florida Lawn.



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  • Want a quote for my lawn service.
    11262 Scenic View Lane
    Orlando Fl 32821
    407 2329 7385

    can not reach u thru

    contact me.

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