Receive a Special Offer With Your Subscription

SiriusXM is offering customers who are near the end of their trial subscription the opportunity to continue listening to their premium radio stations by subscribing to their service on a month by month basis or through their annual subscription.  Currently there are ongoing specials for customers to choose from so they will continue their service once the free trial period is over.

If you are interested in keeping SiriusXM visit the Online Account Center and enter your account information.  On the marketing information you received in the mail there are important numbers in the right hand portion of the letter which includes your Radio ID (ESN) and Account number.  These digits are required on the homepage of the Online Account Center so you can access the special introductory offer.

Once you’ve entered in your login credentials you will be presented with the same offer that is advertised on the information you received in the mail, for example save $90 by paying for a yearly subscription of $89 or forfeit the savings and simply pay the monthly fee of $14.99.  Customers can pay the fees inside their account using a credit or debit card.  Once your payment information is recorded you can expect for your next scheduled payment date to be automatically paid using your payment information.

Customers will need to respond to the offer advertised before their trial period expires or risk an interruption in their service.  If you aren’t satisfied with the current offer you may refer to a 1-800 number on the letter you received in the mail to speak with a customer service representative.  For customers who are not interested in subscribing using the online site please utilize the order form on the letter you received or call by phone at 1-855-221-6276.

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  • Can one pay for the full year that you mailed to me . in which I received on 2 Sept 2015.
    It say I can get a full year for $ 99.00 Plus $ 13.75 for taxes which come to $ 112.76. Can I send you a check for that?

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