Receive Free Blackhead Dissolving Gel With Proactiv

Proactiv is offering new customers a free product when they purchase a Proactiv+ Kit online.  The free product is their Blackhead Dissolving Gel that compliments the Proactiv+ formula.  Customers will not only have an effective acne fighting solution but will also have a special gel that will target and clear up blackheads commonly associated with acne.

At Proactiv’s order site customers are given 3 different kit options to select from which are the Complete Kit, Teen Kit, and 3 Step Kit.  Each kit serves a different purpose depending on the severity of acne problems a customer may be experiencing.  The 3 Step Kit ($29.95) is Proactiv’s starter kit which is the base products for the Teen ($39.95) and Complete Kits ($39.95).  The solutions that makeup the 3 Step Kit specifically target acne while the Teen Kit adds two other products (Emergency Blemish Relief and Cleansing Body Bar) to also eliminate blemishes.  The Complete Acne Solution has all the components that makeup the Teen Kit but adds Mark Fading Pads and Eye Brightening Serum to get rid of dark marks.

Customers will also need to select either a 30 or 90 day supply for first time ordering.  Each order comes with not only the free Blackhead Dissolving Gel but also free Skin Purifying Mask, Perfect Skin Handbook, and free shipping.  Customers can try the products out for 60 days and if dissatisfied the products can be returned, even if they’re empty, and receive a full refund of their payments.  If you are happy with Proactiv and want to continue using the products do nothing and you will receive a new supply of products every 3 months.

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