Refinance and Lower Your Car Payment

If you currently have an interest rate on your auto loan that is higher than you would like consider getting your vehicle refinanced and achieve a lower interest rate.  With the assistance of Blue Harbor Direct consumers can utilize their services and receive refinance offers from various credit unions or banks willing to negotiate a better interest rate and new monthly payment on your vehicle.  On the mailer you received it details your current interest rate, monthly payment, and next payment due date.  It also shows your new loan arrangements if you consider a refinance with any of the providers associated with Blue Harbor Direct.    

Customers who received an offer in the mail from Blue Harbor Direct are already pre-qualified for an auto refinance and just simply need to take the next step in completing the online application at (  The online application process only takes roughly 10 minutes or so to complete but you will need to enter your 11 digit reservation code to get started along with entering personal information such as your current employment, current loan payoff amount, expected new loan terms, etc.  

After answering all the application questions and completing the process the Blue Harbor Direct site will search for lenders able to offer you a lower interest rate and monthly payments.  There are a number of financial institutions in the network that are willing to work with new customers.  Once an offer is found customers will have the opportunity to review and accept it.  Refinance loans can be closed on is as few as 2 days and one of the perks of the service is your first monthly payment won’t be due until December 2015.  

This refinance offer from Blue Harbor Direct has a due date so please respond to their offer prior to the expiration of the due date.  Customers can also call and speak with a live representative at 1-866-841-8031.  

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