Refinance Your Vehicle and Save Money

Have you considered refinancing your current car loan?  If you recently received a letter in the mail from Fleet Financial Auto Finance Solutions this is your opportunity to receive multiple auto refinance offers from various banks and credit unions.  Fleet Financial is a national finance and insurance marketing firm that specializes in finding their customers better rates on car loans.  If you feel you may be paying too much for your vehicle or your interest rate is too high then consider applying online today and see what type of offers you will receive.

Customers who received the letter in the mail have already been pre-qualified and will notice their savings potential already calculated on the letter.  There are calculations for your new rate, new monthly payment, and annual savings already done for you.   Included with the new savings options you will also receive a payment deferment on your first payment.  You can skip your first payment and not make another payment until 45 days out.

How do you get started?  The first step in the refinancing process is to visit the website highlighted on the letter you received.  The website should have your name as an extension of the domain.  When you visit the site it will ask you to enter your Personalized Pin which is also located on your letter and is composed of 9 digits.  After you enter the 9 digits you will be advanced to a 2nd screen that will ask for your phone numbers, email address, and best time to contact.  A Fleet Finance representative will later contact you with more details about their refinancing opportunities.

Customers can also elect to speak with a live representative from Fleet by calling 1-855-292-0508.  The company can find loan term options for customers up to 84 months out.

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