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If you are the new owner of a Black and Decker product take the time to register your purchase at the Black and Decker Warranty Registration site online at www.blackanddecker.com/newowner.  Just for taking the time to go through the registration process you will receive exclusive member benefits.  Some of the benefits include opting to receive the e-newsletter complete with project tips, join the online community, learn about new products before they’re released, and share feedback with product developers.  These are all benefits just for registering your new product online.

2 Step Black and Decker Product Registration 

In two short steps new users will be able to register their product online and receive the benefits of doing so.  By registering your product will be linked with important recall notifications, proof of ownership, and warranty service.  

First Step

Under the Add Your Product section you will need to find your product in their system.  Choose to locate your product by entering in your model number or by entering the exact name of your product.  If you need help finding the model number you can select the “Where do I find my model number link. It gives you a few suggestions of where to look for the number such as the box the item came in, the owner’s manual, or on the bottom or back of the product.

Second Step

Complete the contact information form by entering in your name, email address, phone number, country, zip code, password, and select Complete Registration.

Signup for Black&Decker Email List

At the product registration website one of the first options users will notice is the option to sign up for the Black & Decker email list.  This along with registering your product will provide coverage for new owners to stay on top of the current news and information B&D products and offers.  They will receive via email the latest info on products, special offers, do it yourself projects, etc.

To join the mailing list users will need to enter their name, email address, country of residence, and select the Join US button.

Helpful Links on the Registration Page

After you’ve created your account take notice of the helpful links on the homepage.  There are links for a variety of issues that owners will find helpful at some point.  If you ever experience problems with your Black and Decker product you can refer to the links to Product FAQs, Instruction Manuals, Warranty Information, and more to assist you with a resolution.

It is always good to learn as much as you can about your new purchase so visiting the How To Videos section will provide you with information and tips on how to use your new device.  There is also an email subscription for customers to receive even more Black and Decker promotions and specials available at www.blackanddecker.com/newowner.  Sign up for that service and wait for all the great deals to come your way.



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  • I want to register my new Black & Decker BV5600 Blower/Vacuum which I received as a gift on June 10, 2014. My old one that I purchased in 1999 heats up and will only blow for a minute or two. I plan to put that old one out with my trash this Thursday. I hope my new one will serve me as well as the one purchased in 1999. Dorothy A. Jensen

  • I was pleased to receive my new black and decker hedge clipper , but not very pleased to find there was no power
    lead included with my machine .

    • my hedge trimmer was model number TR116, TR117 AND Iwould be grateful if a power cable could be sent to my address asap 7 willow drive HANWOOD SHREWSBURY SHROPSHIRE SY58RF

      J K RILEY

  • Bought Steamer model FSM 16l0 (FSM 1620) At Makro Woodmead on 31 July 2014 and hope this registers it. Still working out how to use it. and if I need to register it for the guarantee period.

  • Can not for the life of me understand why I must give you my age.
    This makes no sense at all
    Please advise as to B & D reasons for wanting my age.
    Thank you

  • I wish to simply register the warranty for the hedge trimmer I purchased. I do not wish to to publish my name, age, address, phone number or other information???????????

  • I Think the cordless handvac chv1510 works like a champ Kudos to the engineers and
    great design easy to Clean Very Happy with the product told a Lot of Friends
    The Filter reusanble Paper theat goes inside the cone is Not On the Holder very well does not look like it will last
    Who Do I call to get a Repacement?is it covered?

  • How dare you expect a customer to fill out a form of that length, that constitutes an invasion of privacy, personal information that you have no business having as well as a huge waste of my valuable time , when all one wants to do is register a product. Going to another manufacturer is a very viable option.

  • all I wanted to do was register my b/d electric drill received as a Christmas gift,,,,try going through 27 hoops to wind up scratching your head……if I wasn’t pleased with previous b/d products in the passed I’d call it quits with you guys, because of all bother in simply reg. I spent 30 years in computer service with several of the best well known companies. you should be ashamed

  • I have been trying to register my trimmer/edger ST4500. No place to do it.

  • I tried to register my 18 drill and batteries, I took the model from the package it came in model number and the model number on the drill it said no product was found to register so I called the company. Guess what I was told, the site was recently changed and some models would not register and she could not register it for me but the manufactory date could be used, well that is 3/15 and I bought it two days ago 7/16/15 so I’m out 4 months of warranty or keep the receipt my receipt wad blurry from bad ink. I think it is time to get your stuff together and take care of your customers if you want to keep us.

  • i went to the Black & Decker website,and tried to send two emails that would not go out. I went to the product and tried calling the 800 number, it would not even ring!
    My situation is I have this Jig saw. A piec was getting loose. I tried to tightened,a nd it came off. Do you have a place I can have this unit service. My zip is 34746

    Best regards, Ladd

  • not able to register my 20V MAX cordless mini canister vac

  • The “Even Toast” toaster oven takes too long to toast a piece of bread. It goes on, then off, then on, then off, etc. By the time the toast is done my eggs are cold. Reason number two for not buying it: the metal they use for the crumb tray is impossible to clean. Once a drip hits the tray the stain is permanent. My old B & D toaster oven was 15 years old when it died. I miss it.

  • want to register Black and Decker jig saw cat. # BDEJS600 purchased 3/12/2016 from Menards Store , 3210 Broadway Ave. Yankton, S.D. 57078!!!Thank you!!!!Viola Heimes.

  • I received a Black and Decker Trimmer/Edger as a gift from my children. It is 20VMax Trimmer/Edger Catalog # LST300, purchased at Lowe’s, Corbin, KY 40701

  • I want to register my new black and decker dr260 drill that I bought April 2 2016 at Lowes.I like it very much.

  • I just want to register my new Black and Decker trimmer and edger that I bought April 25 2016 at Kent store in ;Amherst,N.S.

  • I purchased a Black & Decker Trimmer/Edger last week when my old Greenworks one fell apart after only 2 years. This trimmer is horrible. The automatic feed line just keeps coming out and within 5 minutes it’s empty and it doesn’t cut off so it’s long and has hurt my feet and ankles. I even purchased their recommended replacement spools and they did the same thing. I own a large corner property with about 1.25 acres to take care of and this is the worst product I have ever used. I will find a way to Mrs. McGyver it to work better.

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