Rent-A-Center Pay As You Go

Rent-A-Center offers customers a unique opportunity to rent to own all types of items including electronics, furniture, appliances, computers, etc.  Customers don’t have to pay cash upfront or use a credit card for their purchase but instead can opt to utilize Rent-A-Center’s Pay As You Go program to complete their shopping.  This program offers customers the option to buy name brand products that they can budget to afford under the program.

How does Rent-A-Center works?  The process is simple as customers select an item they want to purchase either by visiting or by visiting their local store then select how they are going to pay for the item through flexible payment plans offered by the store.  The payment plans are budgeted amounts based on weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly arrangements.  Customers can decide which plan best suits their financial condition and agree to follow the plan until they’ve paid the balance of their purchase in full.  

If for some reason a customer is having problems making their payments and need to return the item they can do so under the Payment Freeze Assurance program.  This program will allow a customer to return their product but not forfeit their payments.  The actual product will be stored away for them and when they are ready to get their product back again they can do so and pick back up where they left off with their payments.

By agreeing to Rent-A-Center’s Pay As You Go Plan customers won’t have to endure growing interest rates and long term contracts.  There is also no need for customers to be pre-qualified for the program through a credit check.  A customer’s credit history and score is not taken into consideration for this program.  

With so many product’s upgrading oftentimes within a year customers have an option to upgrade their current product to the latest product by returning the old product and starting a new lease for the new one.  To ensure customers are satisfied with their purchase Rent-A-Center has included a service agreement within the lease program covering their purchase during their leasing terms.

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