Ronco EZ-Store Rotisserie Oven Review

The first Ronco Oven advertised on television years ago sold to millions of customers but now there is a new and improved version of the oven called the Ronco EZ-Store Rotisserie Oven.  It has all the features of the previous oven that customers enjoy including cooking healthier meals, ease of use, set it and forget it technology, drip tray, and more.

With the rotisserie design whatever food items that are placed inside the oven are cooked evenly on all sides.  You won’t have to eat any foods that are half done or still has cold spots.  As your meats rotate on the rotisserie all of the juices from the meat rotate with the meat locking in the flavor.  The internal air vents also help to increase the cooking process but also seal in those flavors as well.  With One Touch Cooking via the press of a button you can choose a cooking setting along with the time and it will cook and auto shut off when the time is up.

The Ronco is easy to cleanup and store away.  If you have the countertop space for this oven then you can store it out in the open on your countertop.  Storing the Ronco away is easy as all the parts that makeup the oven are easily stored inside the oven.  All you need to do is pop the parts out and turn them inside out to lay inside.  As an entire unit the oven can be stored away either on your countertop or in a cabinet.   It only takes up 8 inches of space.

If you’ve always wanted a Ronco Oven take advantage of the 14 day in home trial that will allow you to receive the oven and use it for 14 days at only $19.95.  Before you purchase the product outright you can experiment with it and see if it’s everything you thought it’d be.  If you want to keep it then continue making payments under the affordable monthly payment plan of 4 payments for $37.50 each.  Customers who purchase the unit full price at $150 will receive free shipping and handling.

What comes with the Ronco EZ?  This product comes with the oven, spin rod assembly, 50 elastic food ties, carving platform, standard rotisserie basket, safety gloves, 8 kabob rods, Everything Rotisserie Cook Book, and 1 year warranty.

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