Save Money with Marathon Stations

Customers who enjoy fueling up at Marathon Gas Stations or stopping by their stores on the way home to pick up a nice cold drink can take advantage of the opportunities Marathon offers them to save money on their visits.  There are great savings and discounts available for customers on their gas purchases, prepaid gas cards, gift cards, and deals through their mobile apps.  By continuing being a frequent customer you can now make your visits count and save money in the process.

At the Marathon website located at ( customers can learn about all the benefits that come with being a loyal customer.  One of the most popular benefits for Marathon customers is their gas savings program when customers apply for their Visa gas credit card.  The gas card can be used anywhere the Visa logo is accepted and will earn cardholders rewards points on all purchases that are charged to the card, gas related or not.

If approved for a gas card users can expect to receive up to 50 cent off per gallon during certain promotional periods. The card has no annual fee but allows cardholders to earn a 25 cents per gallon discount on all Marathon purchases when $1000 or more is spent during a month.  Users that spend between $500 and $999 per month will receive a 15 cents per gallon discount while users that spend under $500 will receive a 5 cents per gallon discount.  When users reach $25 in rebates a Marathon Cash Card will be sent to them in the amount of $25.

To help customers stay aware of current deals offered at Marathon stores a mobile app is available for download to your mobile devices or smartphones.  The app is multi-functional showing customers where the nearest Marathon stores in their area are, reveals deals and discounts currently being offered at stores, customers can provide feedback, and more.  The app is available for download on iphone, Android, and Blackberry devices.  

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