Save with the Pharmacy Discount Card

The Associated Wellness Network is available for anyone to save money on their prescription costs.  With the AWN Pharmacy Discount Card users including their families can save up to 75% on every prescription medication at select pharmacies around the country.  All of the hard work has already been done for each user allowing you to simply take your card to a local pharmacy and show it during checkout to receive your discount.  The discounts are automatically applied are you’ll receive your savings.

To get started with the program users can receive a free card in the mail or visit to request a free card.  At the site just select Get Your Free Card and complete the online registration which includes filling in your name, address, email address, then click submit.  After completing the form you will receive your new card and welcome kit in the mail within 7-10 working days.  After receiving the card it can immediately be used as the card is already pre-activated.

The card is a benefit for most households and is free to use with over 7 million users nationwide and over 50,000 pharmacies that accept the card.  For users who already have insurance it is suggested that you ask the pharmacist which benefit (your personal health insurance or the AWN card) provides the greater discount.  The AWN card really benefits cardholders whose health insurance does not cover certain medications which are covered under the AWN card.

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