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Job seekers can learn about job openings and career opportunities within Comcast at the Comcast Careers website.  The site is the central online portal where job seekers can do a thorough job search for positions within the company and apply for those positions directly from the careers site.  Job openings from around the country are daily listed for visitors to easily find by performing a simple search through the job search feature.

To get started with the search feature enter in a job keyword in the keyword field and your city/state in the location field then click Search.  This search feature will list all of the available jobs that met your search criteria for you to review.  By clicking on a particular job you will be displayed a complete description that lists a job summary, core responsibilities, and job skill/education requirements.  From the job description page candidates can select the Get Started button to apply directly for that position.

The Get Started process encourages visitors to create an online profile so they can upload their resume and create a username and password so they will have fewer steps to complete when applying for future jobs.  With your information already stored online it expedites the application process.  Another way to simplify job searching is for candidates to create job alerts that will send notifications to your email when opportunities that fit your skill set are posted on the site.

To find out what cities are hiring multiple people at Comcast visit the Events section and learn about recruitment events and open house meetings that are taking place.  Candidates can inform Comcast they’ll be attending those meetings by clicking the I’m Attending link which will connect them to additional information through one of Comcast’s social media channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google+).

Social media is another great way for candidates to stay informed about job openings at Comcast.  All you need to do is follow Comcast Careers within your social media account and you’ll receive several updates per day on new job openings.

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