Search for a State Job in Maryland

The Maryland Workforce Exchange is an online job search site that serves the purpose for job seekers to be able to search and apply for jobs in the Maryland area.  The site is easy to use and is available for candidates to use at home on their laptop or mobile device.  Employers have the opportunity to post their job openings on the site which are readily available for job searchers to find.

One of the keys to using the Maryland Workforce Exchange site is registering for an account.  Going through the registration process and obtaining login credentials is an important step for candidates as they are provided additional access to online resources on the site.  Registered members will be the first to know about new job openings as you can receive notifications in your email.  Members will have access to all the resources on career guidance, training programs, education opportunities, and additional information on companies that are hiring.

Candidates can post their resume onsite which helps to provide exposure as your resume will be viewable by employers 24 hours a day while stored in the resume database.  With your job information already recorded in your profile as you are searching for jobs on the site you will only need to click a couple buttons and your resume will be electronically sent for that position.  Non-members will have to go through the entire process of inputting their work information every time when applying for jobs.

For job seekers who are interested in finding a State job the MWE site is the online site to find these types of jobs.  Each job listing offered lists a brief job description and possible salary expectations with the name of the company hiring.  You will be directed to the actual website that you can learn more about the open position or simply click the apply button to submit your resume.  To simplify the application process it is encouraged that job seekers register for the site.

MWE Jobs is a good job resource for candidates currently looking for a job.  There are helpful resources available on the site for candidates to take advantage of particularly for veterans, the disabled, and the unemployed.  Spend time learning how to navigate the site and become familiar with their services.

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