Shark Rotator Lift-Away Vacuum Cleaner Review

Are you looking for a new vacuum to replace your old one?  Why not consider a Shark Rotator Lift-Away Vacuum?  It is a revolutionary vacuum cleaner that has so much versatility that you’ll enjoy cleaning your home.  It has lots of features that actually extend your normal vacuum cleaning range allowing you the ability to easily reach areas of your home that were off limits with your old vacuum.

The biggest selling point with the Shark Rotator is its 3-in-1 design.  There are literally 3 vacuums or 3 unique cleaning features that this cleaner offers.  The first feature is of course its use as an upright vacuum.  The upright design is enhanced with swivel steering allowing for excellent maneuverability around objects in your rooms.

Another great feature with the Rotator is the Lift-Away design for portability.  The Lift-Away is taken from the upright and used to carry around your home where you can target areas that are out of the reach of your upright.  With the right accessory tool you are able to clean drapes, ceiling fans, stairs, furniture, inside your vehicles, corners, and more.  It’s lightweight and opens up your entire home for cleaning.

The last of the 3 cleaning features is the Caddy.  The Caddy is used to place the Lift-Away on so you can spend time spot cleaning certain areas of your home that need it.  It’s still different from using the upright as you don’t have the bulk of the upright but instead the Lift-Away and the Caddy.  You can clean tight areas rather well with these two features.

Customers who use the Rotator will be happy with the Multi-Surface Cleaning design.  The vacuum can transition from cleaning carpets to cleaning hard surface floors instantly.  Any hard surface floor such as tile, wood flooring, laminate, or others can be cleaned using this vacuum.  All of the dirt and dust that is sucked up by the vacuum is trapped in a large dust cup which uses the No Loss of Suction technology.

Customers interested in owning their own Shark Rotator can take advantage of the online offer of 5 monthly payments of $49.95.  It also comes with a free VIP Lifetime warranty and a bonus Steam Mop for free.  To learn more about this offer please visit the link HERE.



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