Shark Steam & Cleanser in One Spray Mop

The latest in all-purpose cleansers is the Shark Steam & Spray Mop.  It combines the elements of steam and a powerful cleanser to get your hard surface floors as clean as possible.  This product is literally 3 mops in one; a steam mop, spray cleanser, and the combination of both.  With this one mop you have the tools to clean up light spills and tackle tough stains while always having the option to keep your floors sanitized.

To basically explain how each of the three cleaning phases of the Shark Steam & Cleanser Mop works here is a brief breakdown.  When cleaning up light spills on your floors the best method for cleaning would be the Spray Only version.  It is operated cordlessly requiring only batteries to power the spray cleanser onto the floors when you squeeze the trigger.

The second cleaning option is the Steam Only version that uses steam/heat to sanitize your floors while killing germs and bacteria.  The heat also helps to break up sticky spills and heavy dirt and grime so the washable pad can easily pick up the dirt.  The best part about using the Steam Only method is it takes mere seconds for your floor to dry.

The third phase of cleaning is the Steam & Cleanser version that utilizes the power of both the heat and spray cleanser to tackle tough cleaning jobs.  With the combination of both spills and stains are easily removed and your floor gets sanitized at the same time.  The only hard part with this type of cleaning is making sure you wash the reusable pads which only require a drop in your washing machine.  You can use them over and over again.

When you order your very own Shark Steam & Clean Mop online you can make one full payment or opt for the monthly payment plan which will allow customers to make 4 payments.  To learn more about this product please visit the link HERE.



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