Shop Costco Online and Have Products Delivered

Costco Business members can shop for products for their business at the Costco Business Center website.  The site is specifically for business members who have signed up for the service and want items delivered by the Costco fleet.  Many of the items listed in their online catalog if available can be delivered next day and it will identify whether or not they are available for next business day delivery.  

Next business day delivery is defined by zip codes which a customer can select a product and type in their zip code to see if the product can be shipped out the following day.  Costco Business Delivery services areas in the following geographic areas which are the greater Puget Sound, San Francisco Bay, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Chicago, Atlanta, and Salt Lake City areas.  If your business is located in any of these regions then you will qualify for next day delivery.

Business customers will find the delivery service a convenience for them as they can simply shop online at (, select the items they want to order, pay for their items in checkout, and the next day their order will be shipped out on a truck.  The service is great for businesses who order a lot of merchandise at one time.  For customers that are spending less than $250 on a particular order there is a $25 surcharge.  

The Costco Business Center website offers a wide variety of products for business customers to choose online.  They can order beverages, office supplies, janitorial supplies, tobacco products, grocery items, and a lot more.  Many of the products any regular customer of Costco can order is available for businesses via the online site.

When ordering online customers will need to open an account and setup their payment options inside.  They can store their business credit card inside their account and make online payments or when they submit an order payments can be made when the delivery driver shows up to your place of business and drops off your order.  Drivers can accept business checks for payment.  

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