Sign in to Centris Visa Rewards Credit Card Online

Centris Federal Credit Union cardholders that have a regular Centris Visa Card or Centris Rewards Visa Card can register their account for online access.  By registering their account for online access cardholders will have the convenience of managing and monitoring all of their account activity including recent/past transactions, current account balance, make manual or scheduled automatic payments, and more.  After completing the registration process cardholders can sign on to their account using the login credentials they created from any device that has a browser and internet connectivity.  

The registration process is available for first time users online at (  At that particular site location users are also able to sign in to their account using their User Name and Password. Once inside they can review their account information and have full knowledge of their account status without needing to call customer service.  Their account balance and credit limit is always visible so they can see how much they owe and how much they have available to spend.  Scheduled due dates are always on display so users can stay aware of when their next scheduled payment is due so they won’t forget.  

Utilizing the online service is a huge convenience for cardholders because they don’t have to depend on monthly statements to arrive every month to update them on their account info.  They also don’t have to call a 1-800 number to speak with a Customer Service Representative to ask questions about their account.  Users can easily login to their account 24 hours a day 7 days a week and view this information from their account.  The online service is always available for customers and the site never goes down.  

When it’s time to make a credit card payment cardholders can utilize automatic payments which will draft the payment from your bank account or possible other credit card on a scheduled day each month.  This is a service for users to keep them from forgetting their payment due dates while avoiding unnecessary late fees.

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