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For $3.99 per month First Premier Bank cardholders can have access to their Experian credit score and report via Premier Credit Manager.  This service offered by First Premier Bank allows cardholders to monitor their credit, review their PLUS score in real time, receive email alerts, and have access to their credit score on a monthly basis.  Premier Credit Manager provides members with their credit score twice a month and through the PLUS score system members can learn how certain factors affect their credit and how lenders assess their level of risk.

With the assistance of Premier Credit Manager members will get an early warning if there is perceived fraudulent activity that may be occurring on their account.  The service scans their credit report on a daily basis searching for unusual activity such as new inquiries, frequent inquiries, new accounts being opened, negative information and more that may have recently been posted to your credit.  If something is detected members are notified immediately via email.  

Premier Credit Manager members can login to their account online at (  At the site they can login using their username and password and have access to their credit information.  The service is accessible via mobile devices and members can review their credit details while on the go using their smartphone.  When there are changes to your credit score members will be notified via email where they’ll be directed back to the account to review the score change.

This service is great for cardholders who are interested in frequently monitoring their credit score.  You will be able to easily see the progress you’re making by using your credit cards and knowing where you stand with old and new debts reflecting on your credit report.  Members can easily stop their membership by cancelling the monthly service.

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