Sign in to Walmart’s Savings Catcher

Walmart customers taking advantage of the new Savings Catcher Program can better monitor all of their reward dollars earned by registering for an online account at the Savings Catcher website.   After you’ve registered and created an account you will be able to login to your Savings Dashboard anytime using your email address and password.

Once logged in your Savings Dashboard provides you an immediate snapshot of the most important information about your online account.  The most visible feature of your account is the Savings Summary which provides you a quick snapshot of your reward dollars earned and a super easy way to enter new receipts.  You can watch your reward dollars accumulate under the Your Reward Dollars section including tracking all the reward dollars you’ve redeemed this year.  If you have new Walmart receipts that you’d like to enter to check for savings utilize the Enter New Receipt feature that will allow you to enter the receipt number and date of purchase to check for savings.  There is a 7 receipts per week limit that can be submitted.

All of your receipts will be stored inside your account under the category title Receipt History for you to review at your convenience.  As you accrue Savings Catcher Reward Dollars you have the option to redeem those savings onto a Walmart Reward eGift Card which can be monitored under the My Reward Card category inside your online account.  Please remember your reward dollars can only be used for purchases online at or in-store.

While logged in to your Savings Catcher account you’ll notice lots of Walmart ads for items on sale.  There are always clearance items, Rollback, Special Buys, or even Value Bundles that are advertised in your account.  Take advantage of the special deals advertised in your account and enjoy the savings.

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