Sign Up for Xfinity Ecobill

With more and more people getting comfortable using the internet to make purchases and pay their bills online many of our utility bills can now be received electronically versus a hard copy continually being sent in the mail.  For Xfinity customers the option to switch to receiving electronic billing statements is available if you’re tired of getting those 3 page statements in the mail and not knowing what to do with them after you’ve reviewed it.  You can sign up for Ecobill and get notified when your billing statement is ready for review inside your account online.

Signing up for Ecobill is a simple process only requiring customers to visit (   Xfinity customers that already have an online account can login to their account and make the selection to sign up for Ecobill.  Xfinity customers that do not have an online account can sign up through the link above and create their online account.  By signing up for an account there are many other benefits that can be enjoyed which are a convenience for customers.

One of the conveniences of having an online account is the option to pay your bill online through your account.  With your login credentials you can sign on to your account through your home computer, public computer, or mobile devices (including smartphones) and make a monthly payment.  All of your payment information which can be your personal bank routing number/account number for drafting or credit card information can be stored inside your account and when it’s time to pay your bill all the payment information is already there.

The great thing about the Ecobill feature is customers can view their bill online.  You can change from paper statements to electronic statements and be notified by email when it is ready to view inside your account.  This is a much more simpler and convenient way to handle your Xfinity service.  

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