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Employees of companies that utilize the online service Paperless Employee can sign up to receive their W-2 electronically instead of waiting for it to arrive in the mail.  Through the available employee self-service portal employees are able to sign in and view their year end tax statements.  Their W-2 can be viewed and printed out for tax filing purposes.  The ESS site enables employees to receive their W-2 faster, in some cases up to 2 weeks faster, than waiting for the document to arrive in the mail.  

For employees that are enrolling for the very first time they can visit ( to create an online account with their employer.  When enrolling you will need to enter your social security number/social insurance number, the first three letters of your last name, along with creating your user ID and password.  After successfully logging in you can identify whether you want to continue receiving your W-2 in the mail or receive it electronically.

A convenience of the Paperless employee self-service portal is if you’ve worked for your company for an extended period of time all of your yearly W-2 documents are stored inside your account.  Typically if you misplace your W-2 and needed a new copy you would contact your Human Resources or Payroll Department to have a replacement copy made.  This is no longer necessary with the use of the online Paperless service.  W-2’s are available for employees year round to access through their own online account.

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