Silk’n Flash & Go Luxx Hair Removal

The latest upgrade in at-home hair removal systems is the Silk’n Flash & Go Luxx Hair Removal system.  For customers who are already familiar with at-home hair removal systems the new Flash& Go Luxx has cut out one major step that other hair removal systems haven’t cut out which is it doesn’t require cartridge refilling.  This is a huge hurdle for customers because they can continue using this device and save money on cartridges over the life of the product.

Another benefit from the Luxx is it covers a wider treatment area in comparison with other hair removal systems.  The larger coverage area allows you to get done faster when treating every area of your body.  The product is FDA approved and is highly recommended by dermatologists because HPL (Home Pulsed Light) technology has been cleared for 4 years and is proven to work.  You will be able to remove unwanted hair from anywhere on your body within seconds.

Probably for the average customer the biggest benefit to them is the price of the Luxx.  It is cheaper than their competitors costing only $299.97 for a one-time payment while customers can also take advantage of a risk free trial offer consisting of an initial payment of $99.99 plus $14.99 shipping then two additional monthly payments of $99.99.

This particular deal comes with a triple guarantee for customers who are willing to try it for 60 days.  The triple guarantee is for customers who are unsatisfied with the product and want to return it.  What they will receive in return is their money back, shipping and handling refund, and the company will pay the shipping costs for returning the product.

The Luxx is worth trying when you consider the triple guarantee.  Also with your order you will receive 3 free gifts including a Hydramist Moisturizer, travel case, and beauty DVD.  To learn more about this offer please visit the link HERE.



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