Simplisafe No Contract Home Security System

Every home needs to be protected with a security system that does its job at an affordable price and preferably without the need of a contractual commitment.  Most services offered today are trying to lock customers into some sort of yearly agreement which is a turn off for many people because most agreements aren’t flexible enough for customers.  A notable name in the home security business that doesn’t require their customers to commit to a contract is Simplisafe.

Simplisafe offers conveniences that their competitors don’t offer beginning with their pay-as-you-go service.  Customers can cancel their service at any time without having to worry about being locked into a 2 or 3 year agreement.  Their pay-as-you-go monthly service allows customers the opportunity to cancel and reactivate their service without incurring any additional fees.

Another attractive feature with Simplisafe is it installs very easily without the need for a technician coming to your home.  It is completely do-it-yourself requiring no special skills just follow basic instructions of plugging in your base tower and sticking up the other components at your door entrances and window areas.  No drilling is needed only sticky tape that is attached to each component.  The components communicate wirelessly to the base tower negating the need for any wires or special wiring installations.

Customers will also love Simplisafe’s affordable pricing which is much cheaper than other services.  Prices start at $14.99 and can extend to $24.99 depending on other options/package you may need.  Some of the other options include additional sensors for your windows, motion sensors, keypad alarm, panic sirens, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detector, freeze sensors, etc.

The system comes with 24/7 professional monitoring along with police dispatch.  Just like other security systems you will receive the same type of monitoring service by trained specialists when your alarm goes off.  To learn more about how Simplisafe is better than the other home security systems on the market click HERE.

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  • I would like u to send me a packet information that i can read about the simplisafe system.
    My address is:
    Jackie Asberry
    16755 county road 437
    Dexter,MO 63841

    Thank you

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