SimpliSafe Wireless Portable Home Security Systems

If you are like most people who are waking up to the 2 year contract scams that many companies only offer their customers then you will also want to pay attention to your home security system.  There really is no reason to enter into a 2 year agreement with a home monitoring system company when there are products like SimpliSafe on the market.  SimpliSafe is a breakthrough innovative home monitoring system that is a lot cheaper than other systems.

Like mentioned previously the best part about SimpliSafe is they don’t require their customers to sign a 2 year contract.  Their service is strictly on a month by month basis allowing the customer the wiggle room to cancel at any time without incurring any fees.  Their fee per month is very affordable as well, customers are charged $14.99 versus their competitors who charge $42.99.

Another convenience with SimpliSafe is the simple installation process.  There are no wires that are run throughout your home and no need for cutting holes in your walls.  This system runs completely wirelessly using a built-in cellular technology.  There is no need for the internet or a phone line you only use a base station and sensors that come with the alarm system.  If you decide to move you can disassemble your security system and take it with you, it is completely portable.

With SimpliSafe you will have 24/7 alarm monitoring and in the event of a potential burglary attempt the police department will be dispatched to your home.  All of these features are included under the low monthly fee of $14.99.



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