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Finding the best talent will always be considered tedious by most employers because many struggle with how and where to find qualified candidates.  A great service for companies proven to bring in a large number of qualified candidates is  The site allows you to post your job opening to over 100 job boards with one job posting submission, screen candidates through multiple choice questions, access over 5 million resumes,  buy ads to major job boards like or Linkedin, and more.

Currently new Zip Recruiter customers are being offered a free 4 day trial of the service.  Employers will simply select to sign up to post a free job and then select one of the available plans Starter, Team, or Enterprise.  Each plan offers a different number of job slots that can be active at one time through each of the job boards used by Zip Recruiter.  The plans are the Starter plan offering 3 postings, Team offering 10 postings, and the Enterprise plan is customizable.  When you create an account to post a free job posting the details about the plans will be available inside your profile.

With the free trial customers can experiment with the 4 day service and if they are satisfied with the results simply do nothing and your credit card will be charged to continue the service and keep your job ads intact.  If you decide to cancel prior to the free 4 day trial ending then all of your job ads will be taken off the job boards and your account cancelled.  The good thing is you can keep the resumes that you received regardless.

Along with each Zip Recruiter plan is access to the resume database which allows a certain number of resume views per month.  This feature is great for giving employers an additional outlet to find qualified candidates which are already saved in the system and new ones which are added on a daily basis.  The resumes are also downloadable so hard copies can be printed out.

If you are interested in learning more about Zip Recruiter and taking advantage of their trial service visit

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