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Showtime is now being offered to subscribers of Hulu.  If you’ve always wanted to subscribe to Showtime but due to the high costs of doing business with your cable provider you never became a subscriber now you can take advantage of an offer to stream the premium network’s content through Hulu for an additional fee of $8.99 every month.  You will already need to be a Hulu subscriber before having access to the Showtime option which is available inside your account under “Manage Premium Add-ons.”  

As a Hulu subscriber customers have several options to view content from the streaming service including directly from their website via a browser or through the Hulu app on Playstation/Android/Apple devices.  All of Showtime content will be available for customers 24/7 and on the go through the use of their mobile devices so they can watch their favorite shows or sporting events at their convenience.  

To get started with your subscription to Hulu visit (www.showtimeonhulu.com).  As a bonus for signing up for a membership new customers will receive a 7 day free trial of Showtime and Hulu.  Remember you will need to sign up first for a Hulu subscription then secondly for the Showtime subscription.  With a Hulu subscription you will receive access to watch current episodes of TV Shows from various networks including past seasons all for a $7.99 low price.  Customers enjoy minimal commercials when they watch shows on Hulu under the Limited Commercials plan or they can upgrade to the No Commercials plan that totally removes all commercials for a monthly fee of $11.99.

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