Subscribe for Automatic Delivery of Gillette Blades

As a convenience to keep Gillette Razor Blade users stocked with blades and never running out there is an online subscription service at the Gillette website that allows users to have blades delivered to their home on a regular basis.  This service works especially well for customers who have a particular Gillette blade they enjoy using.  Instead of unexpectedly running out of blades and having to make a quick stop at the nearest CVS or Walgreens, customers can easily become an online subscriber and not have this problems anymore.

How does the subscription service work?  The first step in the process is subscribing at  The site has select brand blades for customers to browse and make their selection by clicking the Subscribe Now button.  The site then offers the refill blades from particular online retailers that actually offer the subscription based refill service.  Customers can select their preferred retailer and then decide on the frequency and amount of reorders.  There are reorder options for one time only, every 30 days, every 60 days, etc.

After making your selection there is nothing else to do but be confident that your refill blades will be shipped out to you at the rate you selected.  There are no contracts that need to be signed as you can decide to stop your subscription anytime.  According to the site the subscription service is affordable around $1 per week.

If you’re a subscriber leave a review of how the service has performed for you for other potential customers who may be considering this offer.

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