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More and more premium channels are allowing customers to stream their networks without having a subscription to their cable provider but by simply subscribing to the network through an app or streaming service.  If you’re a fan of Showtime but don’t want to pay the subscriber fee to your cable provider then consider the many streaming options to receive Showtime for a fraction of the cost of cable.  It is available in app format for your mobile devices as well as through streaming services such as Hulu or PlayStation.vue.  

The best part about streaming Showtime is most of the online services will allow new customers to try out Showtime on a free trial basis from 7 to 30 days before committing to the monthly fees.  Here is a list of the services including monthly fees offered online:  

Amazon Fire:  30 day free trial – $10.99 per month

Android devices and Chromecast:  30 day free trial – $10.99 per month

Apple devices:  30 day free trial – $10.99 per month

Roku:  30 day free trial – $10.99  per month

Hulu:  7 day free trial – $8.99 per month

Playstation VUE:  30 day free trial – $10.99 per month

Customers can visit ( to learn more about how they can become a subscriber and access all of Showtime’s award winning documentaries, TV series, sports shows/events, and more.  You can begin your subscription at the site by selecting which device or streaming service of choice you want to watch Showtime on.  After you make your selection then complete the online subscription sign up.  

Because you will be streaming content through your mobile device or from a streaming service it is necessary that you have a high speed internet connection.  You will be able to enjoy all the shows better without unnecessary lag with a broadband internet service.  

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