Swipe Clock Employee Online TimeCard

Swipe Clock’s Web Clock is an employee self-service portal available online for company employees to clock in or clock out for work on a daily basis.  The Web Clock feature is easy to use only requiring employees to input their login credentials (username and password) and selecting whether they are clocking in for the day or clocking out for the day by making the appropriate selection on the portal page.  The last step is to select Submit and they’ve entered their time in the payroll system.

Web Clock also offers employees the option to view their schedule and timecard for the current pay cycle.  When an employee is unsure about what days they are scheduled to work they can access this information from the link on the Web Clock portal.  They don’t need to call in to speak with their supervisor or stop by the job on their day off to view a paper schedule posted on a wall.  It is much more convenient for them to view their upcoming work week online from their home computer or smartphone.

Employee’s who want to view their timecard to ensure they’ll be paid accurately can select the timecard link from the portal homepage (https://www.swipeclock.com/sc/clock/webclock.asp) and view the current pay cycles time.  They will be able to see the exact time they clocked in to work including late punches as well as the times they clocked out for each day.  If there are any discrepancies with their time they can have them reviewed by management prior to the current pay cycle ending.  

The Web Clock service is designed to eliminate the need for stationary timecard machines as well actual paper timecards.  Employee punches can be made online which is a more efficient process that saves employers money in the long run.

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