T-Mobile Phones and Assurant Solutions Mobile Device Protection

T-Mobile mobile phone customers who rely on Assurant Solutions Mobile Device Protection can visit their online website at myphpinfo.com to learn more about their services and the protections they offer.  Any questions you may have about your phone insurance can be answered on the site and if you need to file a claim or review your plan documents you can do so online at their website.

It’s a good idea for plan members to know Assurant Solutions website just in case their phone is ever stolen, accidentally damaged, or begins experiencing problems.  This is the first place you’ll want to go when you have any problems with your mobile device so you can follow the steps outlined on the site to expeditiously get the help you need.  There is a plethora of information on the site to review and you can get a resolve on your phone problems very quickly.

If you need to file a claim on your phone it can be done anytime of the day 7 days a week.  After your claim has been filed and processed you can visit the site to check on its status.  There will be status updates detailing every step of the claims process.  If you need to download necessary forms they are available on the site as well without needing to have them mailed or faxed to you.  Everything concerning your phone that you’ll need is available on the site.

Customers will need to know upfront that depending on the circumstances with your phone which include loss, theft, or accidental damage you may be charged a deductible in order to receive a replacement.  There is a deductible chart or fee schedule breakdown already prepared for customers to review.  Take the time to locate your particular phone on the chart so you will know ahead of time what your deductible charge would be.

For more general information about your phone insurance plan please visit the link HERE.  The site is a one-stop shop for all of your phone needs.



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  • I don’t think I have ever dealt with any company and felt so disrespected and discarded. I don’t know how often this happens, but once is once too many. I called about my broken $730.00 phone. I wanted to replace it with a new phone, not a refurbished phone. I was told to go to a t-mobile store, and do a “jump” trade-in. By the time I had left the store, I learned what “jump” was,,, and didn’t want it. I called back, and the recording told me my phone would arrive in 1 to 2 days,,,, so I just settled to avoid any issues, and waited. When I hadn’t received my phone, I called again, and spoke to Dustin, who pretty much told me Im an idiot for not knowing what “jump” is, and he can’t do anything for me. It gets much worse. All I wanted is what I bought in the first place,,,, a new phone. I didn’t buy a refurbished phone for $730.00, I didn’t want it replaced with a refurbished phone…… I asked that we just end all the frustration, and overnight me a phone. I had been without a phone for the entire work week, which my job requires I have a phone, and they wouldn’t even do that.
    Once this is over… Im done with the insurance company, and done with T-Mobile.

    • Unfortunately I went through the exact same situation with the Sony Xperia, however the end result was great as TMobile bought my faulty phone back and I was able to get a brand new Note 3. TMobile prides themselves on Customer Service, and diligently goes the extra mile to ensure that I’m Satisfied. As far as Assurant is concerned, they Do Not honor the warranties (for a stolen phone that was was reported) through the Jump Program that Both them and TMobile have set forth, due to their Incompetence in reading and understanding the Rules of said agreement.

  • hola mi nombre estela quiero saver cuanto me sale para poder canbiar el telefono por que se revento el vidrio del 786-716-4306 es un sony xperia Z3 T21 IMPACT TACTICAL BLK

  • Not all T-mobile stores will do that. I walked into one and they told me to call 866-866-6285. They will handly what happen to my phone. My phone got stepped on and this comp is saying that i have to pay $150 to get a replaced. I just want a phone because i use mine for work why can’t they just bill us or let us do payments?

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