Take the Adidas Survey and Receive a 20% Discount

Customers of the Adidas Factory Outlet store can receive an easy 20% discount on their next visit by taking the Adidas Customer Satisfaction Survey.  It doesn’t take long to take the survey and as an additional bonus customers will have an opportunity to win a pair of $120 shoes.  Customers will need to keep in mind that they only have 7 days after their last store visit to the Adidas store to participate in the survey otherwise you won’t be able to take advantage of the discount.

Before you begin answering the survey questions you will need to have your receipt with you.  You will need to enter the following information from your receipt which are the date of purchase, store number, transaction number, and your age.  After you’ve entered this information then you’ll be able to proceed with answering the survey questions.

The survey will take about 3 minutes or so to complete and the questions you’ll be asked are basically customer service oriented.  The company wants to make sure you were treated fairly and received assistance when or if you asked for help.  If you experienced any problems with the staff there you can leave this information in the appropriate fields in the survey.  Any positive or negative feedback can also be submitted as well.

If you are ready to participate in the Adidas customer survey and receive your 20% discount please visit the link HERE and get started.



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  • Store 6150..san marcos tx. I went to this store..believe me ..costumer service at this location is awful..I was over charged 2$ dollars..is not about.the money.just that when I told the cashier about it…his answer was that theres nothing he could do..that maybe some employee missed priced the item..that only option I had w as to return the item if I didnt wanted.to.pay 11.89 instead of 9.99 for a shirt.. a shirt.that.was in a section were everything was 9.99!! He.didnt.bother.to.say let me verify.the.item or to call the MOD no he was willing to lose the whole sell..for 2$…I love adidas..I took the shirt for 11.89..only because I liked it.and we where in a hurry since we were out.of town…but the experience this.time was bad…

  • This is my 2nd visit to the store, I brought friends from Germany with me, and they loved the shoes, bought each a pair, and so did I. It was very crowded this visit, it was school time and mom’s and dad’s were shopping with the kids, the line was very long, but it took only a few minutes to get through. when we left t here was a line waiting to get into the store.

    Our experience was fine.

    M Corah

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