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Do you know you can receive a free box of glazed doughnuts from Krispy Kreme just by spending a few minutes taking their online survey at www.krispykremelistens.com?  By giving your opinion and feedback based on your store experience from your last visit you will he helping contribute to better store service.  If you see areas of improvement in any of the stores in your city then here is your opportunity to submit your comments that will be directed to the corporate office and as a reward at the end of the survey you will receive a validation code that you can use to get a free box of doughnuts at your next visit.

If you are interested in taking the online survey then locate your store receipt from your last visit to Krispy Kreme.  On the receipt there is a 15 digit code that you will need to enter at www.krispykremelistens.  After you’ve entered the code press Start and begin answering all the questions presented to the best of your ability with honesty.

Many of the questions customers will be presented with are basically dealing with customer service and their overall experience at the Krispy Kreme they last visited.  They want to ensure you were treated fairly and felt welcome in the store.  There are other questions such as how often you visit Krispy Kreme, what did you purchase, how long was your wait, was the store clean, etc.  By answering these type questions you are helping the Krispy Kreme headquarters get a clear idea of how they can improve their stores.

When you get towards the end of the survey you will have the option to sign up for the Friends of Krispy Kreme program that sends promotions and deals to your email inbox.  All that is needed to sign up is your email address.  The very last step is you will receive your validation code which you’ll need to receive your free dozen glazed doughnuts.  Write the code on your receipt and give it to the cashier when you make your next purchase.



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  • Unable to pull up the Krispy Kreme survey! Very aggravated that I go to a site that is trying to sign me up for things I am not interested in!

    I love Krispy Kreme, but this puts a sour taste in my mouth!!

  • survey is a joke. can’t access it without other offers showing instead of kk. forget it , it is not worth the trouble .

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