Target is hiring 70,000 Apply Online

Target is already preparing for this year’s 2015 holiday season.  Target has announced they have begun their hiring process in which they’ll be hiring 70,000 seasonal workers for their distribution and fulfillment facilities.  If there is a Target distribution or fulfillment facility in your area and if you’re in need of a job consider applying for any of their open positions at (  Candidates can complete and submit an online application to be considered for a position.

When applying for a position online please consider you will need approximately 45 minutes to complete the application.  You will need to have all of your work history information or possibly an updated resume handy so you can speed through the process.  If you don’t finish the application because of time constraints or other obligations please know you can return to complete it later but it has to be finished within 48 hours.  

Candidates can do a quick job search for Target jobs in their area by utilizing the “search jobs” feature in the top right hand corner of the job site.  You will need to type in a keyword that identifies your skill set and also include location and job radius you’re willing to travel to work.  The search feature will display many Target opportunities that you may be qualified for that you can apply for.  

The “get email updates” feature is another useful resource on the site that can keep candidates up to date on current job vacancies.  There is a compiled list of jobs in the “career area” section that you can scroll through and decide on which one best suits your skills.  Make your selection then click “ADD” and you will begin receiving Target job openings in that department or field which you can apply for.  

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