Tennis Channel Viewer Volley Fan Vote

Tennis fans can have fun voting for their favorite tennis player during a live coverage match on Tennis Channel’s Viewer Volley.  Viewer Volley gives fans the chance to vote on who they think will win a tennis match that is taking place right now.  Currently Serena Williams is battling Ana Ivanovic in the WTA Championships and the question for fans watching the match is, “What are Ana Ivanovic’s Chances to Win the Match?”

Fans can submit their vote by selecting from 3 choices:  Great, Good, or Slim.  To vote just click your choice and watch as the vote totals are tabulated in real time giving percentages.  You will want to include your vote early on during the match because the voting period closes and the final totals are left for viewers to see.

The Viewer Volley is a new interactive format for Tennis Channel that is an attraction for fans during major tennis tournaments.  While the tournament is going on fans can voice their opinion on the outcome of the current match.

Tennis Channel subscribers who may not be at home to watch a match on their cable TV can resort to the online streaming version of matches at  Fans will need to select Watch Tennis Channel Live and locate their cable TV provider then sign in.  After signing in you can watch live matches on your laptop, computer, or any mobile devices.

Leave your comments and thoughts about how you like the service and the tournament that is taking place right now.

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