Texas Health Physicians Group Online Payment Portal

If you recently received a medical bill from your doctor or provider you can utilize the Texas Health Physicians Group Payment Portal to make your payment.  In order to process your payment correctly you will need your bill handy as you will need to input some information from your bill to properly locate your account.  You will definitely need your Patient Account Number which is located at the top of your billing statement.

Before you begin the payment process please double check your bill to be sure you agree with the charges.  If you have any issues with your charges please contact the billing department to verify the charges and ensure you understand why your insurance denied coverage.  You can call 1-888-661-7830 to speak with some personally.

There are three payment options available for patients to make their payments online.  You can select to draft the payment from your checking or savings account, use a credit card, or use your bank debit card.  It is your responsibility when using the online payment portal that you have sufficient funds in your bank account to cover the charges on your billing statement.  Payments are not withdrawn from your account the same day but rather can take up to 3 business days.

If you would like to receive a receipt of payment to arrive via your email account please input your email address in the required space.  Please keep your receipt handy just in case you need a point of reference for payment.



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