The Benefit of Norton Shopping Guarantee

Online shopping is increasing every year especially during the holiday seasons and merchants of all sizes are always looking to sell more products and attract more customers.  With more people turning to the web first to do all of their shopping online businesses are learning with the rise in identity theft that they need to offer their customers some form of buyer protection if they want to grow their sales every year.  Not only is buyer protection important but in regards to smaller online businesses customers want to know they will receive an authentic product and the best price.

To help online businesses attract more customers and secure buyer confidence the Norton Shopping Guarantee was designed to assist businesses online.  A NSG Merchant offers buyers a free guarantee after purchasing a product from their website offering them $10,000 Identity Theft Protection for 30 days, $1,000 Purchase Guarantee, and $100 Lowest Price Guarantee which ensures the customer if the price of the product purchased is lowered within 30 days that Symantec with makeup the difference.

When shoppers notice the NSG badge in a seller’s website they immediately receive a peace of mind about purchasing a product from that particular merchant.  The badge can be a huge incentive for online merchants to attract repeat buyers, increase conversions, and boost their profitability.  Becoming a part of the NSG program is an important step for small businesses starting out on the web and for businesses looking to grow.

In order to be eligible for the NSG program merchants must go through a qualification process which bases your acceptance on your track record of success, financial stability, and commitment to the customer.  The starting point for entering the program is by calling 1-855-822-2827 and answering basic business related questions over the phone or by chatting with a representative online.  Merchants can also request a demo of the program by selecting the “Merchants: Request a Demo” link at

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