The Container Store Employee Payroll and Benefits Portal

The Container Store employees can access their payroll and benefits information online at the Ultipro MyPayroll website.  The site requires users to have a username and password to enter and sign on to their individual payroll records.  With their login credentials employees will be able to monitor all of their payroll information including the current pay cycle and be able to forecast their upcoming paycheck totals including how many hours overtime to expect, overtime dollars, federal and state income tax, wage changes, etc.  

The payroll site located online at is a great way for employees to have more control over their payroll file.  They can see all of the payroll information regarding their paycheck before checks are cut or direct deposits are initiated.  If they have questions about their pay or have issues with their hours being reflected they can report those to their supervisor and make any necessary changes prior to getting paid.  With the online access employees can use their username and password from any device that has a web browser and internet capability which means they can check their time and pay information while on the go with their mobile devices/smart phones.

Electing company benefits is another function available within the Ultipro MyPayroll site.  New hires can logon and manually sign up for company benefits under the New Hire Enrollment/Life Events section.  During the Open Enrollment period all employees will be able to use this site to make any new changes to their plan.   All changes or updates made by employees online will be submitted to the HR Department for final approval.  Benefit plan information is stored online for employees to review and have access to when they have questions or concerns about their coverage.

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