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Concur Technologies is an American travel management company that provides small and large businesses software which streamlines their entire travel, planning, and expense process through one  platform.  By managing these functions through one platform companies are able to better track their spending and activities which saves them tremendous time and money in the end.

Concur offers businesses and their employees a cloud-based service that connects their business management applications to the web.  With this connectivity to the cloud employees can utilize the internet, mobile devices, smartphones, and other devices to manage business travel and create reports.

Some of the services offered by Concur are expense management, travel booking, invoicing, intelligence management, messaging services, and employee trip organization.  To learn more about how Concur fits perfectly within your business consider taking a free 30 day trial of Concur Expense and see for yourself how this system will help simplify your business services.

Through the free trial you will learn how Concur easily handles expense receipts and expense reporting starting with the use of your mobile phones camera.  Employees can take pictures of their receipts and Concur will automatically create an entry and categorize it while tracking totals.  As this information is uploaded to the cloud it is immediately ready for review and real time reporting.

Before starting the free trial you will need to complete the online registration which basically asks for your name, company name, number of employees, address, business email address, etc.  Visit today and get started.

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