Try iMeet Free for 30 Days

The newest innovation in web conferencing has arrived with iMeet and new customers can try out the service free over the next 30 days.  To get started customers can simply visit the Try iMeet website and complete the online form.  After the form has been completed a trial link will be sent to your email address which will connect you to the service to begin the free 30 day trial offer.  The site does not require a credit card or any downloads.

What is iMeet and why is it better than its competition?  iMeet has unique features that other online web conferencing services do not have which customers find attractive.  One of the features is its cloud based design which enables users to utilize the system without needing to download any software to their computers.  It works with any browser and all of the files needed to run a meeting can be stored in the cloud.

When it’s time for your scheduled meeting guests don’t have to call in or visit a web address to connect with the meeting or remember a passcode.  With the click of a button all guests will be called from the web application to their computer or mobile phone and be instantly connected.  Other guests can be easily invited into a meeting the same way by iMeet dialing their number and being instantly connected.

Depending on how large your group is you can arrange a meeting with up to 125 people in high definition video.  Your screen and pass controls can be passed on to anyone without one person being labeled the host and having access to all of the controls for the entire meeting.  If you’re interested in recording your meeting there is an option available for that function too.

Consider taking iMeet for a test run over the next 30 days and see if it offers everything you need and more.

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