Try Intuit QuickBooks Self-Employed for 30 Days

A great new product released by Intuit QuickBooks called QuickBooks Self-Employed targets self-employed small business owners such as freelancers, contractors, or home based entrepreneurs.  Many people who are self-employed struggle with the book keeping side of their business.  Staying organized with their accounting and taxes is always the last thing on their minds but with the help of QuickBooks this task isn’t as burdensome.

What will QuickBooks Self-Employed do for its users?  QB has a reputation of organizing personal finances through software and the trend continues with this service.  Personal and business finances will be organized and separated in an easy orderly fashion.  When it’s time to pay taxes on a quarterly or yearly basis the software easily estimates the amount needed so it can be set aside and paid directly from your account via the software.

Tax deductions are calculated and keep track of instantly while being placed in appropriate categories.  Users can connect their personal bank accounts to the software to better track income and spending.  When it’s time to file your taxes reports are created that you can take to the accountant which lists all of your accounting for the year in an organized fashion.  Customers personal information is kept safe behind the same encryption and security used by most banks.

Currently QuickBooks Self-Employed is being offered under a 30 day trial at for customers to try before they buy.  There is a monthly subscription of the service with two different platforms offered.  The first platform is the basic feature for $7.99 per month with the following features:  separate business expenses from personal expenses with one click, categorize deductions into the right Schedule C sections, and estimate quarterly taxes.

The second offering for customers is the Self-Employed Tax Bundle service for $14.99.  It includes TurboTax but will allow users to pay their taxes online directly from the software, export tax info directly to TurboTax, and file one federal and one state return to TurboTax Home & Business for no extra charge.

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