Try Out iPhone 5S Free for 7 Days

T-Mobile has announced a unique FREE deal offering new customers the iPhone 5s over their network for a 7 day trial period.  This offer is open to any non-T-Mobile customer who is interested in seeing how good T-Mobile’s network coverage is compared to their current mobile phone carrier.  There are no strings attached to the offer as long as you stay within their guidelines.

The way the deal works is T-Mobile will send you an iPhone 5s that you sign up for via their website.  After you receive the phone you will have 7 days to try out their service and experience their 4G LTE network.  Before the 7 day trial period is up you must return the phone to any T-Mobile retail store in your area unless you plan to switch your carrier to T-Mobile.

To stay out of trouble and not be charged any unnecessary fees you must make sure you return the phone in the same condition as you received it.  If you don’t take good care of the phone while you have it and it gets damaged in any way such as a cracked screen or water damage you could be charged a $100 damage fee.  If the device is not returned at all then customers will be charged the going rate for a new iPhone 5s.

Keep in mind when you sign up for the trial service your credit/debit card is required just in case there are potential phone damages allowing T-Mobile to charge your account.  Regardless of the incidentals this is a great opportunity for anyone who has never been a T-Mobile customer to try out their service without any obligation to sign up.

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