Try Smart Silk Pillow for a Great Night’s Sleep

Finding the right pillow that promotes good posture and will provide you a great night’s sleep is a task that many people find extremely difficult.  Most people get comfortable with their current pillow and tolerate the daily aches and pains it causes.  If you are one of those people and want to seriously find a pillow that will provide a great night’s sleep consider the Smart Silk Pillow.

Smart Silk is a leader in natural bedding specializing in all natural and luxurious bedding to help provide their customers with a healthy night’s sleep.  The Smart Silk Pillow is the newest addition to their catalog which is an actual pillow made of pure silk and cotton.  The outer shell of the pillow is made of 100% untreated cotton with a high thread count.  It also has a 100% pure silk liner that is quilted together with the outer shell.

With the design of the pillow it is breathable allowing air to circulate.  It also acts as a natural heat regulator keeping the pillow cool instead of having to deal with hot spots.  The highlights of the Smart Silk are less night sweats, less aches, naturally fire retardant due to no use of chemicals, asthma & allergy friendly, wisks away moisture, maintains a cool temperature, etc.

There are three different sizes the pillows can be ordered in which are Standard, King, and Queen.  The price for the Standard and Queen sizes are the same at $29.95 while the King is $33.28.  Customers can take advantage of the monthly payment option of 3 payments over a 3 month period.  There is a 60 day satisfaction money back guarantee and a 10 year warranty from the date of purchase.  The warranty covers any defects but not normal wear and tear.

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